Doing Ministry Together

Helping Churches Reach the Next Level of Ministry Through Relationshps

RELATE helps pastors stay connected while developing their dreams and impacting their communities! We value the importance of relationships and never want to see a pastor navigate through life and ministry alone. We want to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

The 2 Parts of Relate

The 2 Parts of Relate


Relate One-Days and Conferences are designed to refresh you and your team as you meet and learn from other churches who are on a similar journey in ministry. We love when church leaders come together, share ideas, and develop solutions. Events are intentionally held around the country so no one has to miss out.


The Relate Coaching network connects pastors with individual mentorship. Relate Coaching also connects pastors with a community of other pastors who encourage and support each other with the common goal of multiplying the group to reach and mentor new pastors.

A Relate coach is simply a pastor friend who is just a little ahead of you in the process of building a church. They’ve already walked through many of challenges that you’re facing.

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